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Watch the premiere of Ntu’s new single, “Pile”

Production / Direction

On his new release “Pile,” Ntu writes:

It’s a noise-inspired track that discusses generational trauma and what it means to be Black and free.

With “Pile,” Ntu — whom we had the pleasure of seeing perform live for the first time at Abu Nights Vol. 01, created something outside his comfort zone. Visually and sonically, “Pile” is more ambitious — harsher and multifaceted. Previous tracks like “Rememory” utilize noise elements to create texture and interest. Noise in “Pile” drives the message forward.

Director - Nala Duma
Editor - Ntu
Assistant Directors - Saint A & Eric Hart Jr.
DPs - Saint A & Eric Hart Jr.
Movement Direction - Ava Elizabeth Novak
Stylist - Yasha
Cast - RJ Anderson, Ugochi Egonu, Qing Liberty, Ntu & Yasha
Photography - Carolyn Jae Sterner
Make-up - Mina Lee

The intense, syncopated noises beckon to genres not previously heard in Ntu’s work. The beginning is a sonic exploration of noise and metal. Some melodic solace comes with Ntu’s vocals, but it lasts for a few seconds. The track continues in a clashing battle between electronic sounds that surprise the ear and Ntu’s beautiful vocal range, which act as refuge. Yet, the song softens in its latter half. Not because the song is any more melodic, but because the formerly clashing musical pieces slowly find more rational places within the song’s texture, story, and timing. The result is a rewarding sonic experience.

“Pile” tells the story of generational trauma, which explains the intense, repetitive dissonance at the beginning. As the song develops, it seems Ntu is finding logical ways of placing those pains alongside each other. His creative talent, like the vocals in relation to the noise, are the hope of establishing new generational traditions. The pain may remain, as the noise, but the hope lies in finding rewarding ways of placing them rationally in life’s texture, story, and timing.

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