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Riley Gunderson
Production / Direction

Clamp Digital Agency partnered with MCQ for a one-time-only hacking challenge to celebrate their current icon EDEN HIGH.

Clamp Digital is an independent design agency located in London, England. The agency prides themselves on their use of a combination of technology and creativity in their work. Their partner in this project, MCQ, is an emerging label built on collaboration. MCQ is a part of the house of Alexander McQueen and promotes non-hierarchical teamwork, global community building, and tech integration.

EDEN HIGH is the sixth icon created by MCQ. The team of collaborators behind EDEN HIGH was made up of creatives such as Clamp Agency, Grace Ahlbom, Deb Never, Albert Omoss, Natalia Podgorska, Ewen Spencer, Everledger, Terrain, and the greater MCQ team.

EDEN HIGH takes inspiration from vintage varsity aesthetics, 90s nostalgia, and virtual gaming imagery. The collection uses these varied iconographies and sustainable means of production to create a series of unique and compelling pieces.

Consisting of items such as bucket hats, mutated varsity jackets, gaming sweatshirts, and altered rugby polos, this bridging of both classic and contemporary academia exemplifies the story-telling abilities of MCQ.

Designed to coincide with the launch of EDEN HIGH, the MCQ X Clamp Agency Hackathon took place on May 15, 2021. Anyone over the age of 18 and a resident of Great Britain could register for the competition. Open to artists, designers, and developers, the hackathon called on participants with an interest in both design and coding.

Out of everyone who registered, one hundred were randomly chosen to participate in the hackathon. The selected creatives were asked to choose between building, designing, or coding a fashion project inspired by the EDEN HIGH collection. In the end, there were three declared winners.

Third place was awarded to Marie J. Eugene for their proposed EDEN HIGH Virtual Yearbook. Through the simple act of scanning EDEN HIGH clothing tags, each Collector is granted access to an interactive virtual yearbook. The yearbook offers context for the collection and allows for community building amongst consumers.

The second-place prize was granted to Samantha Long for creatively merging fashion and tech through the development of CONFIG, a virtual, sustainable wardrobe. This proposal entailed a wearable fabric concept with the ability to be programmed with any desired design.

Julia Haigh took first place in the competition with their proposed “Glitch Sweatshirt,” a clothing item exclusive to MCQ that creates a unique sweatshirt print for each potential buyer. The custom print is generated from the viewer's DNA sequence, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

Both the EDEN HIGH collection and its related hackathon used unique combinations of technology and fashion to foster community and create ground-breaking products.

View the full EDEN HIGH collection at the MCQ website and Instagram. For more details on the hackathon and to view the work of Clamp Digital Agency, access their website and Instagram.

Words by Riley Gunderson

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